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Keeper makes men tell us what they want in a long-term relationship, so we only match you with men who are serious about you.
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Tell us who you're looking for. We’ll introduce you to her for $250 per match, first date guaranteed. Only pay for something real.
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01 - Humanity is good

We look forward to a future of human flourishing - more artists, more astronauts, more inventors, more Olympians, more childhood dreams from more childhoods.

Across the world, fewer people are getting married and having children. Couples who do have children are having fewer of them, and the global population is expected to soon decline. At Keeper, we believe our bonds are what make us human. We think happy societies are built by happy families - and building a happy family starts with you.


In 1985, Whole Foods had three stores in Austin and one in Houston, and eating ‘organic’ was something only hippies and athletes cared about. No one was drinking kale smoothies. Thirty-some years on, health food is everywhere. Of course, fast food hasn’t gone away, but, spurred on by early adopters and more health-conscious parts of society, more and more people are turning anew towards an older paradigm - organic sourcing, fewer or no preservatives, no processing.

We think the same new turn to older practice will happen, starting with family-conscious people, then going mainstream. Casual dating apps only satisfy short-term instant gratification, the empty calories of relationships. Keeper is for people who recognize the long-term matters.

03 - Iteration and improvement ARE a part of the process

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be the best version of themselves, both in-person and online. But it’s hard to know what the other sex wants these days - our culture and media send distorted messages, and we don’t see the world through their eyes. Keeper lets you crowdsource feedback on your photos and profile from people who meet your criteria. Once you’ve gone on a few dates from Keeper, if you want to see it, we’ll show you any constructive feedback that your dates have given anonymously. That way, you won’t be flying blind next time.

04 - Honesty is the best policy

We will always take your criteria seriously, but we’ll take everyone else’s criteria seriously, too. If it doesn’t look like you’ll get a match, we want to know more; maybe we’re missing something great about you, or maybe we need to present you a little differently.

However, we do not want to help anyone practice self-deception: if there’s something you're missing that you can do to take charge of your life or something about your criteria standing in the way of excellent matches, we will help you move forward.

05 - We take care with people

Everyone is busy, and searching for a partner is time-intensive. Let us do the work — tell us who you are and what you want, and we’ll get started. We don’t make matches just to make matches, however. We’d rather take longer in the background than waste two people's time. You shouldn’t expect a regular cadence of matches because neither you nor your prospective matches are disposable people.

06 - We don’t deny Nature

Other dating apps are one-size-fits-all. We think that's silly because men and women are fundamentally different.

We are the result of millions of years of natural and sexual selection. These evolutionary pressures have created intersexual dynamics that dictate how relationships form. Because of this, men and women behave differently when they look for a partner, from the things they want, to how they feel about short-term vs. long-term relationships.

We are conscious of the incentives and limitations hardwired into all of us. For example, because men are visually primed more easily than women for short-term pursuits, Keeper built our user experience for men differently. Men must state their preferences for an LTR up front and aren't allowed to swipe through numerous profiles where their intentions could be swayed.


What kinds of traits can you set as your preferences?

Anything. People are complicated and messy and wonderful - but measurable and matchable.

Why are the user experiences so different for men and women?

Men and women are different, and that’s OK! We think it’s good to give men and women what they’re looking for which is why we ask them about what they want in a way that’s easiest for them to make a good decision.

How does pricing work for men?

Men pay $250 per match that meets their requirements for a long-term partner and we guarantee that the woman will show up for a first date with you. We present the men with an all-text preview of the woman’s profile, including descriptions of appearance. When the man authorizes us to charge him for the match, he receives her name, photos, social handles, and phone number. Then the ball is in his court to reach out and say hello. Men and women both get one match at a time. If they want a new match, they need to tell us why it’s not working out with their match (so we can let her know as well.)

How does pricing work for women?

Matches for women are free. However, if a woman who meets a man’s preferences likes him a lot and wants to cut the line to be shown to him before other women, she can pay $100 to do so.

How do match refunds work for men?

We'll refund you in two cases. If we were off on a subjective standard that was set or if a woman flakes before the first date. If we were off on a subjective standard we’ll give you a refund the first time this happens and ask you to strongly clarify the preference for future matches. Our goal is to help you be as specific as possible with subjective preferences so that this doesn’t happen again.

How do match refunds work for women?

There are no charges for matches and thus no refunds for women. Sorry, ladies!

You're asking for a lot of personal info. What do you do with my data?

Great question - we take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. We don't share or sell your data to other companies. If you're a man, we share some of your profile info - the parts we think are most relevant - with potential matches who meet all of your standards for a partner. If you're a woman, we only share those relevant profile details with men who you've explicitly stated interest in. We only ever share your contact info with a partner once both sides have opted into the match. Your preferences and standards for a partner are never shared with anyone. We value your openness with us as it is crucial to making great matches, so maintaining confidentiality and discretion is our top priority.

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